Live communication for coaches and athletes

In Coachwhisperer we take training to the next level and help coaches and athletes reach their true potential with the world’s first live communication system for sports

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Communication is key

Communication between coaches and athletes is decisive to achieve optimal sports results.


The Coachwhisperer system is created to boost teams performance through an improvement of the transmission of instructions and feedback during the training sessions.

Our solutions

German national hockey team player watching the game from the sidelines
Player receiving instructions from coach while wearing the Coachwhisperer Soundstar
Fc carl zeiss jena goalkeeper celebrating while wearing the Coachwhisperer Soundstar vest

Our solutions

Individual support
Coaching from a distance
Stadium simulation

Our technology

We developed our Coach App to make communication with individual players and groups as simple and flexible as possible.


The Coachwhisperer is made up of several devices perfectly connected together, to offer a unique and optimized training experience for both trainers and athletes.

Cobox device from the Coachwhisperer system with Audas connected and players selected in the screen

Coachwhisperer for every sport

We help teams from many sports to boost their training

Our mission is to help coaches and athletes reach their true potential

Our trusted coaches and athletes

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