The revolution of sports: how AI tools are changing the game

In the age of technological innovation, artificial intelligence (AI) is having a significant impact on various areas of our lives, also in sports, AI is having an  ever-increasing role these days. While traditional coaching methods offer undeniable advantages, the integration of AI tools in sports has ushered in a new era of coaching. These innovations allow […]

The new Era of Sports Technologies

The emergence of cutting-edge sports technologies is opening up new horizons for coaching approaches in this thrilling and dynamic world. These innovative tools are altering the way coaches prepare their teams and run games by offering an unparalleled amount of analysis, communication, and customization. Imagine being able to track every action and effort made by […]

Influence of Sounds on Athletes

Many soccer fans can well remember the year 2010. Especially fans of the Ghanaian national team. It is July 2, 2010 – World Cup quarter final – Ghana vs Uruguay. Handball in the 120th minute, the score is 1:1, until then a fairly even game. Suarez sacrifices himself for the team, plays the last man […]

Heart rate variability and its’ importance for athletes

In the current sports world, vital data are becoming increasingly important. On the one hand, they can be used to analyze the health of athletes. On the other hand, they also make it possible to determine the training control and the future load intensity. Certain key figures can also be interesting for amateur athletes. Most […]

Data scouting: trend or the crucial prerequisite for successful squad planning?

One development is certain. The importance of performance measurement and the data collected through it in sports is increasing more and more – especially in soccer. Expected goals or expected assists, passing accuracy, top speed… These values are not only displayed during broadcasts of soccer matches, they are also used by a team’s coaching staff to evaluate […]