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Mental abilities

In basketball, mental abilities are crucial – staying focused, handling pressure during free throws, and tuning out distractions from the crowd. Are you ready to equip your team for real-game scenarios?


Introducing the Coachwhisperer System: immerse your training sessions with real-time stadium sounds, replicating match environments live. This not only familiarizes players with game situations but also enhances their stress resilience through targeted optimization.

Basketball player training while using the Coachwhisperer

Optimize your training sessions

Coaches can provide instant feedback to players, helping them improve their individual and collective skills. This fosters the long-term growth and development of team members.

Coach Björn using the Coachwhisperer system while training

Psychological aspect

Each player is unique, deserving personalized and psychologically specialized training. Imagine delivering flawless feedback tailored to each athlete’s needs.


With Coachwhisperer, you can provide ideal mental coaching and guidance, even in the heat of the game! Seamlessly switch between individual and group feedback, ensuring clear and understandable communication for all.

Basketball player wearing the Soundstar vest from the Coachwhisperer system

7 out of 10

players feel more connected with their team when wearing the Soundstar

3 out of 4

players understand and implement training content better with our system

10 out of 10

coaches can imagine integrating the system into their everyday training

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