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Coaching from above

Watching the game from the sidelines is ok. But what if you could see the game from above or from new viewing angles in general?


Coachwhisperer offers you the opportunity to view your training from a new perspective and to be able to talk directly to your players even when you are standing away from the pitch. New ways of looking at training, which will be followed by new innovations and successes.

Coach holding the Coach App while training with players using the Coachwhisperer from the distance

Boost your training abilities

With the Coachwhisperer System, coaches increase their training abilities in multiple ways, like:


Immediate feedback opportunities in every single situation, improve the players stress resilence by imitating a variety of sounds (f.e. stadium noise, pressure clocks etc.), enhance the quality of the integration of new players, decrease practice interruption times…

German national hockey team playing a match while coach uses the Coachwhisperer

Immersive training

You want your team to engage an intense press on the other team at a specific moment? Two clicks it is all it takes to you; all you have to do is select your players and send them the pressing sound through their Soundstar.


No more need to shout across the field to reach your player, the Soundstar does it for you.

German national hockey team players training while using the Coachwhisperer system

7 out of 10

players feel more connected with their team when wearing the Soundstar

3 out of 4

players understand and implement training content better with our system

10 out of 10

coaches can imagine integrating the system into their everyday training

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