The Coachwhisperer

Take your training to the next level and reach your true potential with the world’s first live communication system for sports

Our process

Our process

Get your players ready
Cobox device from the Coachwhisperer system with Audas connected and players selected in the screen
Pick up the assigned Auda
Audas connected inside of a Cobox from Coachwhisperer
Plug the Auda into the player's Soundstar
Basketball player wearing a Coachwhisperer vest (Soundstar)
Time to start your session
Coach holding an iPad with the Coach App from Coachwhisperer in their hands
Coach App

Maximum flexibility with live mode

Choose whether to communicate to an individual player, a group, or the whole team at the same time.

Groups can be created completely flexible and edited before or at any time during the training.

immersive training with sounds

Communication with the Coachwhisperer goes beyond verbal feedback. Thanks to our sound library you can revolutionize your drills.


Simulate the sound of a stadium on game day, use a pressing clock to perfect your tactics or use the whistle – all of this with our live communication system.

Formations for every training style

Create your groups and choose among different formations to display your players in a visual way on the field.


Drag each player to its position and start your session with your team always ready for the action. 

The Coachwhisperer for every sport

We help teams from many sports to boost their training

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